“BTW, the kitchen table turned out great.  Everyone is pleased.”  Margie K, Atlanta

“We LOVE it! … we came home and put the computer in its new home! How grand – and NEAT – it all looks!! (Haven’t put any messy old books on the shelves yet – I’m still enjoying the clean look!!) Thanks so much!” – Varner H, Fayetteville

“David, I just wanted to tell you what a great job we think you did on Varner’s bookshelves. They’re beautiful, and so well crafted. You do excellent, conscientious work; and we appreciate it.” – J.D. H., Fayetteville

“Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate your effort in this regard and in general have been extremely happy and impressed with your service….” – Chaim H, Dunwoody

“Judy is thrilled with the frame cases. She’s taken pictures and sent them to her photography friends. Thanks for what you did!” – Dennis B., Stone Mountain

“I will look at the finished bath cabs tomorrow. I heard they look great!” – Ron L., Marietta

“Just a note of thanks for all your hard work that makes me look good when the client is happy with our efforts.” – Brenda A, Atlanta

“Thanks for the table, and for your contribution to the Human Race in general…the world needs more like you.” – Tim F, Sandy Springs

“David…thanks much. It was a big hit. It is a pleasure to work with an artist and a craftsman.” – Tim F, Sandy Springs

“Todd came in the studio today and told me that [the client] had called him and said he just had to come over and see the fabulous new cabinetry. She was so excited! Another impeccable job by Beacon Custom Woodwork!! Way to go!!!!!” – Donna T., Decatur

Everything looks great!” – Jay V., Scottsdale AZ

“I just received my bathroom vanity and it is GORGEOUS! You did a wonderful job crating it, by the way. Thank you so much for your professionalism. I very much appreciate it.” – Karen S., California
“love love love the unit and so did [the designer]” – Eve M., Sandy Springs

“I have just viewed your Website and I am very impressed. I have been to several of your presentations and I knew that you are very talented, but your work is spectacular. You also are very helpful to other, less knowledgeable woodworkers and we all appreciate it very much. Thank you for all your help and for being the kind person that you are.” – Myron S., Atlanta

“You do excellent work and we will be happy to recommend you should you need a referral. Thanks for all of your work.” – Thomas Q., Atlanta

“I am really feeling comfortable working on the ShopBot; I have come a long way thanks to you.” – Fred O., St Augustine FL

“Lastly regarding the show a big thanks to David Buchsbaum who graciously hosted an evening get together at his Shop for ShopBot forum members who were attending the show . . . it was very interesting meeting everyone who came along and seeing the amazing work David does in his shop.” – James B., England

“Really enjoyed your presentation at the camp. Great work, impressive
ingenuity and creativity!” – Ted H., Raleigh NC